Hoods For All Reasons

        Slip On Hoods

These hoods are perfect for when you go out into the field. Whilst being easy to remove and put on, it is still a secure effective hood.

Perfect for those busy hunting days.

     Hoods In Action

John still makes a range of hoods which are designed for the field. These hoods are to the same immaculate standard of the display hoods but are more robust for everyday use.

        Display Hoods

Beautifully Ornate Painted Display Hoods by John Mease and Carl Bass. An incredible show of craftsman ship and attention to detail.

                         Latest Creation

John is always making new hoods; all of which are unique, and this hood is no exception.

The fantastic colours of this hood are all spray painted by John in his studio. The eye panels of this hood are made out of toad skin to add a further dimension to this hood.

This is a commission piece and for more details of how to get your own unique hood please fill in our Commission Pieces Form here.